Wetland & Surface Water Management

Wetlands are a valuable part of the environment as habitat for thousands of species of aquatic and terrestrial plants, animals, waterfowl, insects and migratory birds. These delicate ecological systems also provide water quality benefits by helping to control flooding and absorbing excess nutrients, sediment and other pollutants before they reach rivers, streams and other waterbodies. Each year more than 60.000 acres of wetlands are lost. For this reason wetland areas are protected and regulated.

Knowledgeable  and experienced professionals are needed to ensure these systems are properly monitored, maintained and protected. AD Environmental has this knowledge and experience.

Our Services

Here are a few of the services we provide for our clients for managing wetlands:

  • Monitoring native plant species and hydrological conditions
  • Eradication of nuisance and exotic plant species
  • Planting and restoration of native and beneficial species
  • Restoration and Remediation of impacted wetlands
  • Community education
  • Compliance assistance to resolve notices of violation