Erosion Control/ Vegetation Management

Sediment is a leading cause of water quality impairment to rivers, streams and lakes limiting designated uses and severely impacting aquatic life. Effective erosion control maintains water quality by eliminating sediment discharges.

AD Environmental has extensive skills in erosion control techniques and Best Management Practices including hydro-seeding, hydro- mulching, irrigation and planting. We also have expertise in installation and maintenance of silt fence, wattles, gabions, all varieties of erosion mat and we are certified  scour stop installers. Our experts can recommend the right seed mix and soil amendments for your soil conditions and climate to ensure proper vegetative coverage.

Our Services

Here are some of the services our company can provide:

  • Erosion and bank failure repair
  • Dredging to remove excessive sediment accumulation
  • Installation of velocity dissipators, including rip rap
  • Installation of scour-stop
  • Seeding, Hydro-seeding and Hydro-mulching
  • Nuisance and exotic vegetation management
  • Installation of erosion control mat
  • Compliance assistance to resolve Notices of Violation